BOOKS FOR CHILDREN: How do you know what's good?

While there are many places (especially on the internet) where you can read book reviews, how do you really know if it's a good book or not when a single book might receive anywhere from one to five stars?
The answer: read the reviews of a book-addicted teacher librarian.

** The age recommendations are guidelines only; whether or not a certain book is suitable for a particular child depends on multiple factors, including their maturity, reading level, interests, and in some cases their experiences.
** While the ratings are largely based on my own personal appreciation/enjoyment of the book, they are also influenced by my experiences as a teacher and the potential attraction for the target-aged child (acknowledging that what one child may love, another may find exceptionally boring). A rating of 5 indicates the book is likely to be popular with the majority.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Series: The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates (Middle Grade Fic)

AUTHOR: Caroline Carlson (US)
PUBLISHED: HarperCollins Children's ; 2013-2015.
PAGES/ILL: ~300 pages.
SERIES: The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates. Magic marks the spot, The terror of the southlands, The buccaneer's code.

PLOT: (Third book: The buccaneer's code)
Hilary Westfield, now the Terror of the Southlands, takes on Captain Blacktooth for leadership of the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates, since he has not been nearly very nearly honorable. She will have to take on the Mutineers who are trying to take over the kingdom and rustle up enough pirates (or Delicate Ladies who wish to be pirates) to support her. Can she win against those who are not playing honorably?

This book is an easy read. There are no particularly difficult themes and would be appropriate for a year 3 or 4 class read-aloud. It is a lovely good-triumphs-over-evil story with themes of friendship and not being limited to what you can do just because someone else says you can't do it.

I happened to have picked up the third book in the series, but you should start with the first (the plots of the first two books lead into the third).

AGE: 9+.
GENRE: Fantasy Adventure.
RATING: 4 stars.

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