BOOKS FOR CHILDREN: How do you know what's good?

While there are many places (especially on the internet) where you can read book reviews, how do you really know if it's a good book or not when a single book might receive anywhere from one to five stars?
The answer: read the reviews of a book-addicted teacher librarian.

** The age recommendations are guidelines only; whether or not a certain book is suitable for a particular child depends on multiple factors, including their maturity, reading level, interests, and in some cases their experiences.
** While the ratings are largely based on my own personal appreciation/enjoyment of the book, they are also influenced by my experiences as a teacher and the potential attraction for the target-aged child (acknowledging that what one child may love, another may find exceptionally boring). A rating of 5 indicates the book is likely to be popular with the majority.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Goose On The Farm (PB)

AUTHOR: Laura Wall

When Sophie and Goose go on a trip to the farm, they meet lots of new animals, but soon Goose feels left out and wanders off to have his own adventure and make a new friends. One of which follows them home.

Another title in the "Goose" series. An absolutely adorable character, sure to be a favourite in all pre-schools. The story line and humour can have subtle nuances, which is enough that adults won't be driven mad by having to read it for the 5th time (although it's simple enough that madness may set in after the 10th time...)

AGE: 2-5
RATING: 4 stars

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