BOOKS FOR CHILDREN: How do you know what's good?

While there are many places (especially on the internet) where you can read book reviews, how do you really know if it's a good book or not when a single book might receive anywhere from one to five stars?
The answer: read the reviews of a book-addicted teacher librarian.

** The age recommendations are guidelines only; whether or not a certain book is suitable for a particular child depends on multiple factors, including their maturity, reading level, interests, and in some cases their experiences.
** While the ratings are largely based on my own personal appreciation/enjoyment of the book, they are also influenced by my experiences as a teacher and the potential attraction for the target-aged child (acknowledging that what one child may love, another may find exceptionally boring). A rating of 5 indicates the book is likely to be popular with the majority.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Series: Vampire Academy (YA Fic)

AUTHOR: Richelle Mead (USA) PUBLISHED: ~2008
SERIES: Vampire Academy
FIRST BOOK: Vampire Academy

The story is told through the eyes of Rose: a Dhampir - half vamipre, half human; guardians charged with protecting vampires. The first three books are set in high school, where the Dhampirs learn the art of guardianship and the vampires learn... school things. Other characters include Lissa, Rose's vampire best friend who brings her back from the dead, and Dimitri, another Dhampir, Rose's trainer, and the object of her love.

With some twists on vampire lore, it's enjoyable if you can get past the "tortured teenager" threads (which, of course, will hook the target reader - the tortured teenage girl).

AGE: 13+. Some sex in the third book.
GENRE: Fantasy, Adventure
RATING: 4 1/2 stars

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